What is Directory Submission?


The basic idea of a search engine is to provide the most relevant output to its users, to keep up this relevancy all the major search engines crawls and index’s different websites for the information provided by them. The major relevancy of a website is found by checking all the links it is getting (inbound / outbound), PR, Quality content etc. A wine website building links to a kid’s toy store directory is something which can make the link irrelevant, and thus also mark your website links as pointless.



Why to choose manual directory submission over automated tools:



Most of the high rated directories accept only those submissions which are relevant / not spam; that means your site is of the same niche as the directory you want link from.  Manual Directory Submission is the perfect and ethical way of getting one-way incoming links for your website. It is trusted approach to enhance the visibility of your website. The complete logic behind the Directory submissions is to provide information to an apropos directory genre whose content is akin to the subject matter of your site. Hence it provides your site a platform to be visible to the users looking for equivalent information.


Benefits of Directory submission:



Directory Submission is very beneficial for a site with respect to the visibility and exposure it acquires if done in a timely and progressive manner. Some of the other important benefits of Directory Submissions are listed below:


  • Directory Submission provides high quality backlinks: This is one of the main objectives of carrying out this process because backlinks are the most valuable output we look for in any link building processes.
  • Anchor Text: We can use a desired keyword as an anchor text, which will be hyperlinked to the site providing you an anchor text backlink. This anchor text provides you anchor listing which in turn improves your keyword relevancy and provides visibility. The more sites linking to this anchor text the better the results will be.
  • Increases Traffic: Lot of people browse the web directories to find the most appropriate link for the information they are looking for. Thus, if your site is listed in a relevant category, traffic will come to you.
  • Search Engine Indexing becomes easier: Submission to directories makes search more feasible for search engines; hence they can track your site more easily thus increasing the chance of getting Indexed. Basically Search engines traces your site following the backlinks from other sites, so if you are listed on directory sites they will follow your links to your site and add you to their databases. So it is said, the more backlinks you have the easier it is for search engines to index your site.
  • Adds value to site: We perform this technique to gain backlinks from quality sites. The more legitimate backlinks you have the higher will be the frequency of search engine bots to visit your site. This frequency adds value to the site and with time increases popularity and Brand value.
  • Link Building: This is one of the most important methods used in link building. The more authentic links you get the more valuable your website becomes. Directory listing can replicate natural link building.



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