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Enhanced use to Google Webmaster Tools – An SEO Guide

Google Webmaster Tools are an amazing associate to SEO experts. But it is vital that these tools are used by the right people otherwise the effect may go the other way out. Therefore, I feel it significant to come up with an SEO guide to using Webmaster Tools so that you can completely benefit with the Webmaster Tools.

Search engine optimization

It is quite imperative to note here that some things can be too disadvantageous compared to others. In addition, you may come across numerous articles in view of requisite tools and reports. Insight I am sharing about the WMT throws… Read More

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Significant Google Panda updates coming soon

Google updates are nothing new, but for sure they are something to look for. From time to time Google keeps updating its algorithms to make the processes more effective and results just correct. And in recent news, significant Panda update is on the calendar this week or next. Yes, Matt Cutts- the Google’s head of search spam announced new updates in Google’s Panda and penguin algorithms and new link network targets, all this year i.e. in 2013. He announced it during the SMX West Panel, The Search Police.

Google Panda Update March 2013

Matt said that there will be a major… Read More

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Search Engine Optimization for Top 10 Ranking

Search engines rank websites which have quality content and are popular. Search engine developers find it tough to give higher SEO rankings to quality websites and to filter out websites which do not deserve to be on the top search engine pages.

Do you want to successfully promote your website on internet? Do you want top 10 ranking for your websites? Now, this is a silly question! Every business owner dreams of achieving top 10 ranking for their websites on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Improving organic ranking is not too difficult. You need understand and follow… Read More

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Types of SEO Hats

White Hat SEOSearch Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website to make it search engine friendly. SEO has mainly 3 types of Hats called:

  • White Hat,
  • Gray Hat,
  • Black Hat,

White Hat: White Hat SEO means ethical SEO methods that we work on to optimize a website and which don’t harm a website in any way. A website which provides relevant information to users and search engines means white hat SEO has been implemented on the website. You must be having a question in mind that what is “White Hat”? All SEO methods which don’t cheat to… Read More

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