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Best Social Bookmarking with linkbullets!

Social bookmarking is the rage today. It is one of the easiest things to do and actually can be done by anyone. The only thing is the slightest of mistake in making a social bookmark can actually create more damage than any of the good that it could have done. The whole concept of social bookmarking is the ability to be able to keep a record of your favorite sites and bookmark them with a social bookmark site on the internet rather than bookmarking them on your computer. This way those sites are… Read More

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Benefits Of Social Bookmarking!

Social Bookmarking is actually not a new concept and not a very difficult one to understand either. It is one of those things that people use and do and yet don’t realize that they have participated in a seo process, which is one of the easiest ways, towards link building. If you think carefully, when you surf the internet and come across a very interesting website what do you do? You either copy the web address of the page and store it under your bookmarks folder or send… Read More

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Benefits Of Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking entered the online world few years back and bought with it a new concept of tagging. Earlier most of the internet users saved their favorite pages on web browsers but the primary limitation to it was: we can access that information from our browser only and if your computer is down due to some reason you lose your links. The concept was unique; we can save the favorite pages online and hence can access our links from anywhere. We can keep them public or private and even we can suggest them through mail to our friends and colleagues.

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