What is Forum Posting ?


Technology today has reached a level where all information is handy. With more and more people becoming active on web, there is a huge flow of information from one another. This information exchange paved the way for the online forums. A forum is an online hub, where people from different parts of the world share their knowledge and clear their doubts.


Almost all forums offer membership and once you are a member you can start a discussion, which in technical terms is called a thread, a comment on the thread is called a forum post. This Discussion can be based on a topic which can be selected from the topic offered by that particular forum. A Relevant forum has good users base, and thus joining a good forum helps in getting connected to lot of people providing information or asking for information. Forum Posting is a wonderful way to interact as well as receive information and also not to forget, it helps in building a relationship.


Benefits of Forum Posting


The vast knowledge spread through these forums makes it easier for a common man to have legitimate information. Here are few very good benefits we receive from forum posting technique.


  • Awareness among the target audience: Forums help us reach the most appropriate or target audience which helps us to disseminate the right information at the right place. If you are authentic, your existence among the right audience will make yourself visible among them thus causing an awareness of your presence.
  • Provides visibility: There are hundreds of people who join forums every day, the traffic is huge. If this process is done correctly it brings a lot of visibility. For SEO, forum post acts as a channel to boost the visibility.
  • Increases traffic and ranking: It is another SEO technique used to increase traffic and in turn ranking of the website.
  • Add Signature: This benefit has very useful aftereffects; during a forum posting we can leave our signature in our comments, which further directs the users who are interested to know more to your sites.
  • Lifetime relationship: Once people start following you in your comments and posts or threads they know the information is coming from a trusted source. This trust helps in building a lifetime relationship with the online users.
  • Free Education: It's a great source of education that costs you nothing. You just have to reach right people to find information. It helps in mentorship.
  • References: Once a forum post becomes genuine and receives comments and posts from legitimate people, more and more people visit it and if the information is up to the mark then those links are shared among friends, colleagues as references.
  • Quick and affordable: It provides you quick visibility if done correctly and it is the most affordable way to have popularity among the masses.
  • Control Anchor text: Forum Posting provides us an opportunity to control our anchor text.
  • Relevancy attracts search engines: If a forum becomes popular for its genuine posts, and if our thread is controlled in a structured manner then it also gets noticed. Traffic increases, visibility rises and thus attracts search engines to index it and if it is done in a very proper way, this process is one of the most effective ways to increase page rank.


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