What is Press Release ?


Press Release is something which helps a business to inform their consumers about the company’s news. It has been used as a communication tool since a long time to advertise as well as enlighten the consumers about the company, its products, growth, accomplishments and many more things. Basically it is used as channel to spread the awareness about the company through media like television, newspaper, online news etc. Companies also share revenue information, its growth analysis, consumer products etc.


This kind of information is very essential for generating trust among the consumers. Today various companies are listed in stock exchange, if they want their consumers to have trust on them to increase their market share value it’s very important that the consumers have fair knowledge about their investments. It has become an important ingredient in the field of marketing, with the advancement of technology and awareness among the masses it is highly essential that a provider present its press releases in a timely manner to keep updating its consumer about the activities. Since the magnitude of this information is very high, it catches eye of almost all newsreader and hence explains its importance in the field of marketing, which further implies to Link building.


Benefits of Press Release


There are various benefits of utilizing this method in linkbuilding operation for a business as it provides high visibility in the web world. Here are few advantages which help amplify the traffic and visibility.


  • Raising awareness: This link building process exhibit the best strategy of making the consumers more perceptive about the product. Awareness also paves the way for trust and a worthwhile relationship with consumers.
  • Enhancement of Traffic: Once a targeted consumer knows about the brand it helps bringing traffic to the provider.
  • Provides Backlinks: This procedure is a very helpful way to achieve high PR quality backlinks.
  • Brand Building: This process helps in enlightening people about the brand; it helps in building a reputation about the brand among the masses.
  • Helps in driving the most targeted audience: The provider can get the most from it by targeting the best suitable audience. It increases traffic, popularity and all what is required to become popular.
  • Increment in sales: If a provider is making its consumer aware about the product/company/services/upcoming events etc it helps in building trust. Awareness causes visibility and traffic which in turn increases the sales.
  • Viral Marketing: This benefit of Press Release is the most significant driver of the marketing campaign. It is because of viral marketing that it has become so important to all the companies throughout the globe. The subject matter or the release is picked up by other news and feeds which is published on different websites and then again spreads itself in the most appropriate places and hence reaches the most suitable users and helps in early crawling and indexing by good search engines.


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